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Expecto Quizzonum 2.0 || A Harry Potter Quiz

Take a short trip to the wizarding world with Quizarc's Expecto Quizzonum 2.0 || A Harry Potter Quiz.

This is the second edition of Quizarc's beloved Harry Potter-themed quiz.


  • The quiz will be held on Instagram Stories @Quizarc's Instagram page.

  • You need to follow Quizarc on Instagram to be eligible for the quiz (@quizarc).

  • The quiz will start sharp at 8 PM on 15th October 2023 (Sunday)

  • The quiz would be completely online and there are no registration fees.

  • Other details will be shared through your registered email ID and on Quizarc's Instagram page.

  • And there are Galleons (cash prizes) for the winner!

  • Magic and money! If you find a better combo, let us know!

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