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The Grand Meme Quiz

Are you a Meme-lord?

Do you save the most rad memes and then share them with your friends on whatsapp?

Do you look at random expressions of people and think, "ye to masst meme material hai"?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this quiz is definitely for you.

Presenting Quizarc's The Grand Meme quiz. The quiz will be held on Instagram Stories @Quizarc's Instagram page.

You need to follow Quizarc on Instagram to be eligible for the quiz (@quizarc) (This is Mandatory).

Here's the link of the page:

The quiz will start sharp at 7 PM on 13th February 2022. Other details will be shared through your registered email id and on Quizarc's Instagram page.

Cash prize for the winner!

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